Ayni is a Quechua word meaning sacred reciprocity. It points toward the balance of energy that exists in right relationship–when one gives, one receives; when one receives, one then gives back. It is in this mindful give and take that balance and healthfulness are maintained, and our personal manifestations are nourished.

Part of my personal ayni is giving back to immigrant and indigenous communities. I do this through offering discounted and pro bono support to certain communities who may not normally be able to access channeling and energy work like this. I have a particular love for knowledge sharing, sometimes offering back skills and practices to communities that birthed them but have been long disconnected from their ancestral ways.

Below, for the sake of convenience, are links to the Venmo and PayPal accounts in which I prefer to receive ayni for the work I offer. I am also truly humbled to receive any heartfelt donations in support of my larger work of healing and teaching in the world.

With all my heart: thank you!