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The world around us is not the only thing rapidly changing…

So are you.

I am here to help you sit in your own divinity. I work with amazing people in transformation, focusing on more deeply integrating the multidimensional parts of life on Earth. I do this in service of not just human joy, but a joy that reverberates out into all dimensions.

Combining modern life with big, transformational experiences can take a lot of focus and learning. I’m here to support you in aligning with your personal joy and clarity. Methods we might explore together:

Clearing energy that no longer serves you

Honing your extrasensory/psychic abilities

Aligning your conscious self with your deepest truths

Practicing multidimensional co-creation (manifestation)

Exploring the nature of the ALL-THAT-IS

There are so many ways I can support you in living your most creative life now.

PLANT MEDICINE WORK: One of my personal passions is plant medicine work, in particular Ayahuasca. In addition to the work above, I offer pre- and post-ceremony support to pasajeros (passengers/travelers), as well as education and support for plant medicine facilitators looking to deepen or expand their personal practice, through the lens of the New Dimension (“New Earth”).

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*I am not a licensed therapist or physician.*