About Kristin

I am a bridge, a conduit, a healer, an exploration partner, a translator, a teacher and perpetual student. I am a compassionate listener who holds the grounding of loving neutrality, and I serve as a vessel of Divine Consciousness. I am here simply to speak Truth, often quite directly.

Why do I do this work?

I am consciously multidimensional, meaning I was born and grew up knowing there is much more than just this physical existence, that we are energetic before physical, that I am not originally from the Earth plane, and that–like many others–I came here to assist in a great shift that would touch all life on Earth. The multidimensional work I offer now has been crafted far beyond this lifetime alone.

A super-empath from two family lines of significant psychic ability, I know how challenging it can be to be fully embodied on the Earth plane. After struggling with complex PTSD, atypical migraine, and intense sensory processing differences for much of my life. My healing journey tapped into the body-centered wonders of plant medicines, channeled energy work, and exceptional trauma-informed somatic psychotherapy with an intuitive twist.

Through these modalities, I lifted the layers of conditioning, separated out what energies belonged to me and which did not. The knowings and sensitivities that I’d often struggled with as afflictions became superpowers. The pervasive fear and sadness of my formative years translated into my shamanic training. And by reclaiming the fullness of my story, I was able to fully relax into the truth of what I have always been: a light being of joy and an extremely flexible conduit for divine energies, here in service of Spirit’s highest intentions.

I am also a storyteller, trained in poetry and experimental art. I’m a mother to a school-aged starseed child; I’m a gardener and an advocate of animal personhood. As a gridworker, I work with seismically active places and places prone to fire. Working with humans is just one part of my dedication to supporting Gaia in her/our galactic ascension.