What Is Channeling?

We are all channels. You are channeling yourself into this reality at this very moment. Some are more aware of it than others. Some are built to be more flowing and skilled with their channeling. But there is actually nothing truly extraordinary about the ability.

To channel one needs three parts: 1) an energy coming in, 2) a receiving channel/translator/vessel, and 3) a receiver or audience (which can be just the channel themselves). The nuances of all three of these elements impacts the information that comes through — the language and approaches to explanation, the topics that come up, the physical and emotional sensations that arise in the experience.

Some people, like me, are born with their multidimensional antennae wired more tightly into their conscious experience. All day, every day, I am aware of other energies and dimensions intersecting with ours. When I am channeling, I remain conscious and ever “in control” of myself and the situation, but I am allowing my own consciousness — my own desires, reflections, and perspectives — to sit more quietly in the fringes of “the room”. In doing so, Divine Consciousness is able to take up more space and shine through my human form more clearly. The subtlest forms of channeling have played some role in human existence from the very start. The great healers and Ascended Masters of old were all different forms of channel.

Channeling is very similar to being a radio receiving different stations. The radio is not the information, it just allows the information to be heard in the material world. It translates the radio waves into a form useable to human ears. Sometimes we will shift stations a bit in a single session, as needs and perspectives shift. But it’s all coming from the one Source. The ALL-THAT-IS. There is only Light, and I only work with the Light. The channeling space we share together is always safe, protected, and luminous.