1/29/2022 Channeling for Purpose & Play

This is a multidimensional learning experience from beginning to end. You are invited to breathe deeply—aware of crown, spine, and feet— as you read the below 😉

In this new world, people are increasingly waking up abilities & desires that were previously sleeping. Channeling is more than talking to spirits. Channeling is a way of being, a physical design we each carry. What if you could directly access pure Divine knowledge at any moment? What might it be like to have high-frequency beings regularly melding with — and influencing —your energy? How can growing your channeling skills support a more focused, energetic, and playful life?

Topics we’ll explore:

  • Connecting with your guiding spirits
  • Channeling as a physical process
  • Channeling as a self-healing practice
  • Channeling energy anatomy
  • Channeling self-care
  • Channeling & sexuality
  • How to tell if you’re really channeling or not
  • What’s different about channeling now V. a few years ago
  • The different kinds of channeling methods, & portal design
  • What is the purpose of the channel design in the new dimension
  • Why are some people built to be a portal more than others
  • How to feel safe, empowered & centered when channeling
  • How to discern if what you’re receiving is “in the light”
  • What is the #1 tool to stay protected & healthy as a channel
  • How to work with your “witch wound” & fear of judgement
  • Practices & explorations for all levels of channeling
  • What to look for in 2022’s energy weather
  • Creative ways to connect with consciousnesses
  • How channeling can be a form of play
  • How you already are channeling every single day
  • And, the group-specific threads that come in via the spirits

Who is this for?

Prerequisite knowledge: Basic knowledge of energy anatomy (chakras and energy field), and at least some mental understanding that we are energy beings, in an energy universe, currently having a physical experience, in a very flexible reality.

This experience is for a diverse range: People with basic understanding of energy, all the way to seasoned practitioners. We’ll cover a wide range of information, through the lens of the New Dimension (New Earth). As a partially-channeled teaching, there will be transmissions accessible to all beyond the spoken, including energetic activations. If you have questions, please reach out my sending an mail to Events@kristincerda.com

The Container: The space we share together will be a portal unto itself. The building of supportive energetic structures has already begun. Think of it as a Cosmic amphitheater of learning and remembering, a brave space where people are invited to show up where they are. Some will experience this day as a sort of hybrid shamanic ceremony. To others it will feel like a mindful and interesting class. The container, and the expectations of how we treat each other, are built towards mutual respect and coming from the compassionate witness lens. It goes without saying that there will be no tolerance for hate or shaming. We are all equally Divinity.

About Kristin

Kristin Cerda (she/her/they/we) is a human portal. She is an embodied lightbeing and conscious channel of Divinity, working from a fractalized consciousness. Part of her current positioning on-planet is to support light-holders & New Dimension Healers in truly embodying their personal light, and opening to their fullest purpose and joy.

She is the result of two powerful human lineages of extrasensory ability — one Andean, one Celtic — and has carried significant abilities of claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience since birth. After a very long and spicy shamanic initiation, Kristin has left semi-hermit life to support the Collective in the global transition. And, of course, to have a lot of fun in the process.

Ultimately, Kristin wants to normalize multidimensionality in everyday life. Among many other things, she is also mother to a 9 year-old starseed, tends a labyrinth garden, and lives every day in celebration of the Ceremony of Life.

Somos la luz, Somos uno.