Curriculum Vitae

 Kristin Cerda
  Richmond, California
(512) 913-7879


MFA in Writing and Integrated Media (May 2009)
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Valencia, CA

Thesis: {measurable angle [is to (meaning as periphery) is] to tide}, Book-length hybrid poem addressing issues of consciousness, embodiment, desire, and language in the digital age

BA Writing and Literature (May 2006)
Naropa University, Boulder, CO

Thesis Paper: Litost: Translating the Untranslatable in the Works of Milan Kundera
Creative Manuscript:  Synaptic Holiday: Three Movements, chapbook of poetry



“Rituals for Right Living” Bay Area Generations #45 (May 2017)

“McAllen, TX or A Backwards Motion” Bay Area Generations #45 (May 2017)

“A Squirming Infant on the Ground Near My Feet” Richmond Anthology of Poetry (2016)

“Aporia and Other Indiscretions” Lumen Magazine (September 2015)

“Anxiety” The Acentos Review  (May 2013)

“Is for” The Acentos Review  (May 2013)

“Borders (physical)” The Acentos Review  (May 2013)

“Borders (not)” The Acentos Review  (May 2013)

“Comal” The Acentos Review  (May 2013)

“Snake Charmer Reveals the Contents of His Basket” Boundless (2013)

Excerpt from {measurable angle [is to (meaning as periphery) is] to tide} Out of Nothing (Fall 2010)

5 Pieces from {measurable angle [is to (meaning as periphery) is] to tide} Omnia Vanitas Review (Fall 2009)

“The Remaining Pulp” Interstice (Spring 2009)

“shine your heavenly body down”  Interstice  (Spring 2009)

“Moving Out” Interstice (Spring 2009)

“Evasion” Sprawl (2007)

“Austin, TX August 24th, 2008”  Chronometry (2008)



Finalist, Poet Laureate — City of Richmond, California (2017)

Semifinalist, Andres Montoya Poetry Prize, University of Notre Dame (2013) for SeaSick.



Forest for the Words (2017) — Valencia, CA 50’x25′ Immersive food installation, in collaboration with chef Saehee Cho. Commissioned for special event. PVC, acrylic yarn, tables, consumables, serve ware, wood, fabrics, ephemera

Alma Mater: A Sensorial Feast (2016) — Valencia, CA Participatory food installation, in collaboration with chef Saehee Cho. Commissioned for special event. Fabric, paper, acrylic, tulle, consumables, serve ware, microphone, humans on green flooring

Textual Healing 2016, Facha Patoto — Los Angeles, CA (March 2016) Text-heavy Happening featuring street art, food installation, textual fiber arts, theater and dance.

a whiter shade of the lack., Platform Gallery — Santa Barbara, CA (September 2013)

24/7 Truth, Distributed Art Gallery — Los Angeles, CA (May 2009). Contributing writer to a video project by Tom Leeser, featuring drawings by Mark Allen and Perry Hoberman.

“When I See You, You See Me — Center for Integrated Media at CalArts—Valencia, CA  (April 2009). Relational art performance exploring ideas of personal space, perception, and community-centric writing practices

Take Note, curated by Kyoung Kim, School of Critical Studies — Valencia, CA (December 2008)  Large collaborative writing project and installation

“Ritual of the Self,” Center for Integrated Media at CalArts — Valencia, CA (April 2008)  Performance and installation combining writing practice, meditation, practices of inhabitation.  Fabric, Branches, projector, webcams, paint

“Shag Shack”  — Valencia, CA, CalArts (2007)  New media installation, with Meghann McCrory and Ali Prosch. Light sensors, microcontroller, computer, fabric

“You Make It Rain” —Valencia, CA, CalArts (2007)  New media installation, with Meghann McCrory and Ali Prosch. Proximity sensors, microcontroller, computer, wood, metal

“Fortune Teller, Fortune Cookie” —Valencia, CA, CalArts (2007) New media installation, with Meghann McCrory and Ali Prosch. Foam core, light sensor, microcontroller, computer, projector



“Textual Healing 2016: The CalArts Alumni Performance” — Curator/Performer, AWP offsite reading, Los Angeles, CA (March 2016)

Disrupting Class: Changing Pedagogical Landscapes in the Writing Classroom” — panelist, AWP Seattle, WA (February 2014)

Sex Nets: Pickup Artists v. Feminists” — Moderator and panel organizer, SXSWInteractive Austin, TX (March 2012)

“Sexualizing the Political: a poetry workshop” — Presenter, National Women’s Studies Association Conference Atlanta, GA (November 2011) 

Next Words reading series — Curator/Reader, The Smell, Los Angeles, CA (February 2009)

Sprawl reading series — Reader, CalArts, Valencia, CA (February 2008)

Sprawl reading series — Reader, CalArts,  Valencia, CA  (September 2007)

Graduate reading — Curator/Reader, Naropa University, Bouder, CO (April 2006)

The Women’s Reading —  Reader, Naropa University, Boulder, CO (September 2005)

“Border Languages” —  Panelist, Summer Writing Program at Naropa University Boulder, CO (July 2005)



Private Writing and Creativity Coach (Fall 2000 – Present)

Adjunct English Instructor, Southern Careers Institute (Fall 2011, Spring 2012)

Adjunct English Instructor, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts (Fall 2010, Spring 2011)

Adjunct English Instructor, Lincoln Technical Institute (Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011)

Teaching Assistant, XYZ: Exploring Narrative in the Context of New Media, Center for Integrated Media (Spring 2009)

Teaching Assistant, Writing Arts: Modern Art Movements, CalArts (Fall 2008, Spring 2009)

Teaching Assistant, 20th Century European Studies, CalArts (Fall 2007)

Workshop organizer and instructor, Mothers Writing Workshop, Denver, CO (Spring 2006)

Co-designer and Instructor, Creative Writing, The Learning Community High School for the Gifted (now Headwaters School) (Fall 2002)